KHHCA develops, researches, and applies an advanced value-driven 

Korean home health care model with the local community. 


KHHCA develops, researches, and applies an advanced 

value-driven Korean home health care model 

with the local community.

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Message From the Chairman

Words of appreciation from the Congress Chairman of the Korean Home Health Care Association

I would like to thank all the experts working in various practice areas who encouraged and supported the establishment of the Korean Home Health Care Association.

In the era of rapid population aging, the need for professional home health care is already a common theme. 

It may be a little late, but still, several experts including myself gathered together and established this association in order to revitalize professional home health care in South Korea. 

As this association was established in haste, we are aware that there are many experts, field activists, and related entrepreneurs who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in the association. 

Therefore, the Korean Home Health Care Association always welcomes your participation and support.

The field of specialized and professional home health care is still unknown to all of us. 

Of course, some people have already practiced home health care in the field, but not only the general public and patients' families (guardians), but also medical professionals and caregivers still don't know what home health care is and how to do it realistically. 

Therefore, it is necessary to provide appropriate answers to many questions about various issues that may arise in the home health care field, what solutions are available, and how many people can use home health care more easily in the rapidly aging population.

The Korean Home Health Care Association will systematically identify the current status of existing home health care service providers such as local communities, clinics, hospitals, and welfare facilities. Based on this, experts in various fields will work together to find various action plans that can activate professional home health care, and play a role in publicizing the practical results.

The association will do its best so that patients and their families who need professional medical home health care can more conveniently access the necessary services, and so that the personnel providing home health care can work more actively. 

We welcome your myriad of support and participation. 

March 2023 

The Korean Home Health Care Association 

Congress Chairman, Kunsei Lee

The Korea Home Health Care Association

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