KHHCA develops, researches, and applies an advanced value-driven 

Korean home health care model with the local community. 


KHHCA develops, researches, and applies an advanced 

value-driven Korean home health care model 

with the local community.

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Message From the President

Words of appreciation from the President of the Korean Home Health Care Association.

In the event that the patient is unable to attend an outpatient appointment, only the patient’s family (caregiver) may come and see me. 

When I couldn't remember the patient's face and gradually couldn't understand what the patient's family (guardian) was explaining, the guardian's words, 'Doctor, it would be nice to come home and see the patient just once...' suddenly hit my heart. 

Within the current hospital-centered medical system, patients who cannot come to the outpatient clinic for various reasons are constantly being alienated. Patients who cannot come to the hospital may be in a more serious condition. From the patient's point of view, there is no way to do anything in a situation where they cannot go to the hospital outpatient clinic. So, specialized medical home health care will be one of the way for patients who cannot go to the hospital on time and follow up.

Professional home health care is a supplement to hospital-based medical care and an essential element of community care medical services in preparation for a super-aged society. Patient and their family’s needs should not be ignored just because health insurance for home health care have not been perfectly covered.

Since it is not included in the medical school curriculum, the academic system for home health care cannot be abandoned. Efforts to create a quality home health care system should not be dictated by government research budgets. Medical staff and patients must meet at the right time. 

The Korean Home Health Care Association is a gathering of medical professionals, care service providers, and related industry stakeholders who understand and share the same thoughts on the necessity and urgency of professional home health care. 

We welcome your myriad of support and participation.

March 2023 

The Korean Home Health Care Association 

President, Kunwoo Park

The Korea Home Health Care Association

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